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Looking for a sailboat? Good thing you ended up here. Our sailboats for sale ads are cleaned out every 60 days for maximum freshness, and offer advertisers unlimited copy and plenty of photos with which to explain their boats.

Thinking of selling yours? Just about everybody looking for popular production sailboats (Hunter, Catalina, Beneteau, Oday, Macgregor, and others) ends up here. So it's a good place to find qualified, educated buyers. And, it's inexpensive! Click here to place an ad now.

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Boat Year State Photos Price  
1969 Macgregor Venture 211969 CA Or best offer  
1993 Macgregor 191993 NE $6,495 USMotor runs great  
1996 Macgregor 26X1996 NE $13,500 US  
1995 Macgregor 26 X1995 CO $15 USNegotiable  
1998 Macgregor 26X1998 OH $12,995 US  
2005 Macgregor 26m2005 OH $19,995 US  
2002 Macgregor 26X2002 CA $18,000 US  
1998 Macgregor 26X1998 GA $11,500 US  
2004 Macgregor 26M2004 MA $21,900 US  
1984 Macgregor 211984 CA $2,200 US  
1993 Macgregor 26s1993 MT $8,000 US  
2014 Macgregor Tattoo 262014 NY  $26,900 US  
1998 Macgregor 26x1998 KY  $13,500 US  
2005 Macgregor 26M 2005 NY    
1985 Macgregor 251985 FL $4,350 US  
1993 Macgregor 26X1993 IL $7,300 US  
2011 Macgregor 26M2011 MS $24,000 US  
2002 Macgregor 26X2002 CA $12,900 US  
1997 Macgregor 26X1997 FL $15,500 US  
2011 Macgregor 26M2011 CO $26,900 US  

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