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Review of the Macgregor 26X by Jim McKirdy

Year built 1998  
Location of boat Deland Florida  
The boat is sailed on Open ocean  
How the boat is used Multi-week coastal cruising  
Normal wind strength 10-15 knots  
Average size of crew 2-4  
Liveaboard? No  
Owner bought the boat in 1998  
If the clock could be turned back, would owner buy again? I have been in the last year asked: "Do you want to sell your boat?". This is the only boat that I do not want to sell because of many reasons. This has been the best boat I have ever owned. Low maintance, less than a hour to clean the entire outside. 5 people have looked at my boat and have all purchased new 26X's. I use this boat as a power boat about 250-300 hours a year. As a sail boat it has less than 100 hours. I don't even keep the mast on the boat anymore; its main use is as a power pleasure boat. We trailer the boat to the atlantic and gulf just about 4 times a month. I feel safe and with 50 years experience (of which 20 in the United States Coast Guard) this boat is safe and with a honda 50 the boat is very reliable..I would recomend anyone that wants a safe passage look at MacGregor boats.  
Gear that's been added  
Structural or complex improvements  
The boat's best features As a sail boat my 26X is best for me because I can sail solo. As a power boat; my boat offers comfort, style, relibility. Shallow draft is a plus feature here in Florida.  
Problem areas in terms of design, materials, maintenance, etc. I had to modify the stearing to our honda 50. Cables work just fine like the old days. The only problem I have had is the trailer. Because the trailer is made from painted steel. It will not last long. I have replaced the trailer with a galvinized trailer. Please note I do miss the ladder that came on the old trailer.  
Sailing characterisitcs This is the only boat that I have ever sailed that can point 2 to 3 degrees off the wind and still stear a straight course. Over 6 ft seas I recomend that your return to the dock. This boat does not like following seas and at the same time running with the wind.  
Motoring characterisitcs I have towed a lot of boats with the 26X. I can get into shallows where other boats can't go. It is strong enough to unground a 35-40' boat off a sand bar.  
The owner's experience in dealing with Hunter (if any)  
The owner's experience with the boat dealer or broker, if any I have helped the dealer that I purchased my boat from. I have demo'd my boat and sent him 5 new customers.  
Other comments If MacGregor made the 26X 30 years ago my boat would be 30 years old.  

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