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Pull Cable Ballast Valve

posted 10-07-2008 by Bruce Krisko | Add this mod to a FAQ

This is a shot showing the stern layout. Note that the cable runs into the same boot with the other O.B. cables and hose.

Cable controlled ballast valve

A simple bracket is made up from a two inch section of 1 1/2 inch aluminum angle. Two holes are drilled for the cable clamp, and two for fastening it down to the transom.

Bracket attachment

Here I made a connector out of a two inch length of aluminum rod 1/2 inch dia. I drilled and taped 1/4-20 on one end to fit the valve, and #10/32 on the other end to fit the cable end. I used a lock nut on the cable end to hold it together. I filled the threads with Tef-Gel. If you dont have this you can use a good waterproof grease.

Cable connector

I used a 10 foot long cable and mounted my pull handle at the base of the steering pedistal. These parts are available at your local chandler and cost about $120.

Pull Handle

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