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Swim Platform

posted 10-07-2008 by Patrick Ward | Add this mod to a FAQ

I found, boarding the boat from a side dock, was difficult for some non-boaters. I built this Swim platform, step, out of E-pay, the hardest wood known,(This wood was salvaged from a job site.)also called, Ligum Vite.

I use Stainless for all hardwere, the lower strut is fixed in place, the upper strut can be hinged out of the way, a removable pin is fixed to the boat on the top.

Step,Swim, Platform

This is a view with the rudder down, the Plastic tube holder will be replaced when, I can get a stainless one.

Step, Swim Platform.

This is a shot from in side the boat.

Port Swim platform, step.

This Boardwalk is made of 1 Cedar spindles, this wood is easy on the feet, it is soft and its splinters will break. The motor will fit inside the cut out when its up.

Steering Gear Boardwalk.

This shows the motor up, the boardwalk can move around, inside of the fiberglass, aft step, The suuports are made of waterproof, 2X4.

Steering Gear Boardwalk.

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