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Halyards Led Aft

posted 10-07-2008 by Joe C. | Add this mod to a FAQ

See Halyard turning blocks at bas of mast

These blocks are shown with mast in trailering position. Note that halyards stay run while the boat is trailered. This makes for less set up time since no line routing is needed.

See Halyard turning blocks on stbd. deck

This photo was taken with the mast in trailering position. If the mast was raised you would see the lines turing 90 degrees here.

See Halyard cleats on stbd. cabin top

Here is where the main and jib halyards end at the cockpit. They are easy to raise by pulling both lines at the same time while in to the wind. The winch can be used if desired, especially to make the final tightening. Both sails can be raised in about 30 seconds from here. That makes it much easier when singlehanding. The cleats are by spinlock and the blocks are Harken bullet blocks- 5/16. The halyards of course had to be replaced as they are much longer than the factory supplied. The total cost of the modification was about $200.00 and by far the best money Ive spent on the boat. The main sail has to be fitted with sail slugs and prefed in to the mast. The slugs I used were West Marine #115147 with #156489 Plastic shackles. I prepunched a hole in the luff of the main sail just inside of the boltrope using a leather punch. It has held up very well with very high winds and much use.

See Jib Downhaul let down port side to cockpit

See Jib Downhaul leading from bow down port side

This could also be the furler line if you have roller furling.

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