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ballast exaust hole

posted 09-12-2008 by Celso | Add this mod to a FAQ

The handle of the water ballast exaust hole of my 26X got loose from its cavity, so I got unable to empty the ballast on the run in order to improve speed while motoring and alleviating the weight for pulling the boat out of the water.
I found too difficult (and possibly damaging to the health of the boat) to remove the whole part from the hull for repairing, and besides as the berth of this handle is plastic, it wouldnt be proper to use superbonder, so I called a dentist friend of mine for help. He skillfully applied to the foot sole of the handle, which is made out of steel, a resin for human dentures which after drying out worked quite well fixing the loose handle in tis cavity.
Now I intend to run for a note in the Guiness book as the only owner of a boat to use a human denture part on its hull.

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