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Hunter 410 Stove Drawer Project

posted 04-27-2014 by Mulf | Add this mod to a FAQ

The Admiral finally got fed up with the very inadequate use by Hunter of the large space under the stove. It was basically a wood framed hole in which you could shove things. To get them out required getting down on the floor and looking in to find it in the jumble of stuff. A decision was made to remove the framed opening and replace it with a drawer. Well, it sounded that easy. Photo 1 shows the original setup. Next came removing the framed opening and kick plate. This entailed locating and removing a lot of hidden screws and finally an attack with a hacksaw along the left edge due to inaccessible screws from the drawer cabinet on the left into the ends of the face and kick plate. It then took a lot of trial and error with a cardboard mockup to find a drawer shape that made the most of the space and considered the curved hull shape at the back. Photo 2 is the drawer I constructed from pieces of plastic coated shelving and heavy duty drawer slides all from a big box hardware store. Picture three shows the completed drawer in open position. Picture 4 shows the finished project complete with the correct latch button from SBO. Yes, the stain is too dark, probably due to the already dark piece of teak I located and used for the drawer front. The Admiral is very happy so all is well!
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