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Extra heater vent under the main salon table-Paradise II

posted 02-10-2010 by Big Moe | Add this mod to a FAQ

Hello Fellow Sailors:

I installed a heat vent under the main salon table. I purchased the vent and rear transfer box from Beneteau. I removed the port side seats and lifted up the wooden covers. I then cut the plastic, insulated heating tube running from the A/C-heating unit to the vent above the port side seat back and installed a 5 Y connector, I purchased from home depot. I ran a piece of drier pipe from the Y connector to the transfer box. I used the silver, sticky backed tape that you use for stove pipe connections to seal all the joints. I also used two 5 worm clamps to tighten down the heating tube to the Y connections.

This extra vent comes in handy in the early spring and fall when you need heat low, along the floor.
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